- - DuoTek is an Ultralight Reflective Reversible Jacket

DuoTek is an Ultralight Reflective Reversible Jacket

The DuoTek is an ultralight, reflective jacket that’s also reversible, aimed at helping cyclists be seen as they traverse the urban landscape. 

“Adding pockets and designs on one jacket is not that hard, but it’s very difficult to add features on one fabric while making it still ultralight and affordable…and we are the first and only one to achieve it in the industry,” said Fullframe Design Founder Jenetta Battle. “While we were amazed by reflective jackets and their ability to keep people visible during nighttime activities such as night running, cycling, and general outdoor wear, the ones on the market were either extremely expensive or sometimes impractical to wear during the daytime. To come up with a better alternative, we developed DuoTek.”

DuoTek is the first jacket to make one side reflective at night, while the other side offers protection from ultraviolet light (UV) during the daytime, making it a dual function jacket for the price of one. 

“Making a jacket super lightweight is a simple task, while making a reversible jacket super-lightweight is extremely difficult,” Battle said. “However, we achieved that goal. The DuoTek Jacket weighs as much as an orange, which makes it the lightest reversible jacket in the world.”

Each jacket features five waterproof pockets and durable YKK Zippers, making DuoTek literally 100% waterproof inside and out.

It’s also designed to be windproof, breathable and stretchable thanks to the patented ultra-performance tech fabric.

Available in two styles for both men and women, the reflective side of the DuoTek is grey, while the other side is black. 

For more information, or to purchase the jacket while it’s available at a special crowdfunding discount, visit the DuoTek Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

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