- - E3 Harelbeke Race Ad Stirs Controversy

E3 Harelbeke Race Ad Stirs Controversy

Not since Peter Sagan was caught on camera miming the pinching of a podium girl’s buttock at last year’s E3 Harelbeke race, did the sport catch such hellfire from various groups – calling the Slovakian rider’s behavior both sexiest and demeaning.

Well, the organizers for said race seemed to be undeterred by the previous media frenzy, as they have seemingly embraced a similar sexiest campaign with complete alacrity.

Indeed, this year’s race ad features nothing short of a rider’s hand, once again, fully intent on grabbing a piece of arse.

While some are viewing the ad as being nothing more than “cheeky” (yes, that was a pun), others are aghast – calling it ‘misogynistic’ and ‘demeaning’.

The caption on the poster, ‘Wie knijpt ze in Harelbeke’, literally translates to ‘Who squeezes them in Harelbeke?’

While, the Belgian classic has a history of making use of risqué advertisements, many are astonished that race organizers could be so politically incorrect in their decision to run such an ad; particular after last year’s fallout.

Let’s hope all of this negative publicity doesn’t give the race a “bum” rap. 😆

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