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Efneo 3-Speed Gear Box

After failing to meet its first crowd-funding goal, Efneo has reinvigorated its Indiegogo campaign with new features and offers.


3-Speed Bicycle Front Gearbox – easier gear shifting for a beautiful and comfortable bicycle

What is the Efneo Gearbox?

It is a 3-speed bicycle front gearbox that can replace your awkward front derailleur.

How it works?

Efneo is a planetary gearbox. One chainring rotating at three different speeds on each gear. It is an equivalent to a 28/40/50T front crankset.

What is important is that the gear ratios are pretty much the same as you would expect from a standard 3 chainring derailluer system. That makes it comfortable – the gaps between gears are not too big, not too small.Please remember one thing. The Efneo Gearbox, like almost all other planetary gearboxes available on the market, has one specific feature:

  • you can upshift with full load (e.g. you can push the pedals with all your strength and change the gear to the higher one).
  • when you want to downshift, you need to stop pushing for a fraction of a second to let the gear change. It’s very easy to get accustomed to it and after a while you will do it without thinking about it.

Kickass features

There are at least FIVE reasons why you should have the Efneo Gearbox on your bike:

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And here you have a great article from a commuter blogger (fully independent, we do not know this guy). He says in his own words why he thinks the Efneo Gearbox would make his every day riding experience better:


Choose one of the below perks. You’ll love them!

Efneo on media

You can easily find tens of articles on Efneo in many languages if you google it. We have chosen some for you:If you want more, just google “efneo” and take a look at other articles from all over the world!

And remember to visit our own web site:  

Is it for me?

Efneo gearbox is dedicated for all kinds of bicycles excluding off-road applications like MTB, downhill, dirt, etc. It is perfect for a city/urban bike, for trekking, hybrid, folding, recumbent & trike.

If you have an e-bike with a rear wheel engine, the Efneo Gearbox is also for you. You only need to check if the torque sensors are in a wheel or in a crank. If they are in a crank, you cannot replace it with the Efneo Gearbox as it would stop your e-bike working properly.

It is a perfect upgrade for a single-speed bike. With the Efneo Gearbox your beautiful bike still looks clean and cool, and riding gets easier.

Remember – the Efneo Gearbox is not dedicated for off-road applications (MTB, downhill, dirt, trial, etc.).It will not work properly with a fixie bike that has no freewheel in a rear wheel.

However – it works perfectly with a single-speed and still looks so clean and cute!

How to put it on my bike?

We assume 90% of our customers will simply take the gearbox to the nearest bike shop to install it, but if you really like doing things yourself, take a look at the “how to install” video and see how easy it is:

Does it fit my bike?

Efneo gearbox fits bike frames used for city, urban, single-speed, hybrid, trekking, as well as trikes & recumbent.

Yes, it also fits bikes with a rear derailleur, no problem (see our movie!)

It fits most of the folding bicycles (for example it fits Brompton bikes very well, but not Strida ones, with an eccentric bottom bracket). If you have any doubts, send us the full name of your bicycle (brand and model) or a photo of the bottom bracket (email: We will reply ASAP.

Product options available

You can choose:
  • Color: black or silver
  • Shifter type: rapidfire (like on our movie “how it works”) or grip-shift.
We will ask you to choose the options about two months before deliveries by e-mail.

What’s next?
The gearbox will be manufactured with our Japanese manufacturing partner, famous for its highest quality and reliability of its products. This way we are reducing the risks that are always emerging when passing from the “development phase” to the “manufacturing phase”.
We are planning deliveries for August 2015.
Risks and challenges

After a series of tests we are 100% confident the product works as we promise it works, and is durable.

However, even the best tests are only tests. We are fully engaged in constant development and enhancement of the product after delivering it to you. If it turns out the product has any “child age problems”, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to solve the problem (including exchange of the gearbox or even money refund, if no other solution is available).

Based on our testing, we believe the risk that the project fails in a way that we simply do not deliver the product is very low. We are not a big, mature organization, but we have been working on this project for over three years and have spent too much time and money to let it fail.

Who we are

We are a family – father and three sons. Our father is the inventor – he created the gearbox and made first prototypes. And we are doing our best to build Efneo as a strong brand delivering innovative products that make your ride cool and fun!

Franek (CEO) – I am an experienced manager with over 10 years of managerial career in strategy, sales and marketing field.

Stefan (Product Inventor) – our father, “natural born inventor”. The gearbox idea came to his mind a couple of years ago and together with us (sons) he worked on it to make the idea come true.

Wiktor (Manufacturing director) – I worked for multinational companies like Mars and Whirlpool and now I decided to focus fully on our own business. I am responsible for our cooperation with the subcontractors and for patent submissions.

Fryderyk (Designer) – I am happy to inherit a lot of my father’s inventive talent, they say 😉


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