- - Electric Mobility Solutions Include Pedelecs that Look Like Automobiles

Electric Mobility Solutions Include Pedelecs that Look Like Automobiles

The European Efficient Urban Light Vehicle (EU-LIVE) consortium unveiled a new electrified mobility solution. The vehicle’s small footprint of 2.4 x 0.85 meter as well as an enclosed, heated cabin, seatbelts and an airbag makes it an alternative for those commuters who want more comfort and speed than speed-pedelec riders. This is part of Peugeot’s (Groupe PSA), who designed the vehicle, strategy for new mobility solutions.

The consortium EU-LIVE brings 12 partners from six countries together. Groupe PSA is the only carmaker participating in this urban mobility project. It is funded by the European Commission with a subsidy of € 6.7 million of the ‘Horizon 2020 GV5’ Research and Innovation program.

Urban and suburban trips

According to EU-LIVE this e-mobility vehicle is, “positioned between the two-wheel and four-wheel segments, it is equipped with a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain, two electric in-wheel motors and a petrol internal combustion engine.” This light electric vehicle (LEV), categorized as L5e, has been designed for urban and suburban trips with a zero-emission mode for city mobility. One of the consortium’s main aims is “to develop common powertrains that can be used for a variety of LEVs in order to achieve economies of scale.”

Groupe PSA is controlled research and manufacturing of the demonstration vehicle as presented by the consortium. According to the French car maker, “this project allows us to expand our design expertise beyond the automotive industry.”

Safe and sustainable mobility

“We are committed to protecting the freedom of individual movement,” states Groupe PSA Senior Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering Carla Gohin. “EU-LIVE is illustrative for this strategy. This new electrified light vehicle allows an individual, safe and sustainable mobility thanks to its zero-emission mode. We are proud to take part in this European project with all our partners.”

Thanks to its design and hybrid technology, the new EU-LIVE electrified mobility solution can be used on all roads and offers drivers a wide range of benefits. For example, this vehicle can be used on both roads and motorways. “It’s tilting mechanism offers superior handling, making the vehicle as easy to drive as a three-wheel scooter. This and the roll-control technology account for more than half of the 13 patents filed by Groupe PSA. The French company notes “the system uses hydraulic components and hydro-pneumatic suspension.”

Speed up to 130 km/h

The vehicle runs in zero-emission mode at speeds of up to 70 km/h using two rear electric in-wheel motors, developed by the two consortium partners Elaphe and Brembo. The 48-volt electric battery, designed by Samsung SDI, can be recharged using regenerative braking technology. When driving at speeds between 70 and 130 km/h, it switches to a 31-kilowatt single-cylinder Peugeot scooter petrol engine. The light vehicle has a range of 300 kilometers.

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