- - Endura Unveils New Aeroswitch Drag2Zero Helmet

Endura Unveils New Aeroswitch Drag2Zero Helmet

First spotted at last year’s Interbike and Eurobike shows, Endura has finally unveiled its new helmet to the cycling masses called the Aeroswitch Drag2Zero, which may very well be the slipperiest aero lid to date.

Taking direction from renown aerodynamics guru Simon Smart, cheating the wind isn’t the Aeroswitch’s only virtue, as the new helmet also touts versatility as well.

For instance, the new helmet boasts a removable tail, allowing cyclists to easily switch from full time-trial mode to a more understated road look.

Nevertheless, according to Smart, after testing virtually every helmet on the market, he claims the Aeroswitch can achieved a drag savings of 11.8 watts over the average time trial helmet, and 3.6 watts over its toughest competitor. 

In addition, the Aeroswitch also features a newly designed magnetic visor with integrated vents along the top in order to combat fogging, along with an integrated Koroyd inner core that replaces conventional expanded polystyrene (EPS) found in most other helmets.

Endura claims the Koroyd possesses both greater impact absorption and increased breathability, while also reducing weight. 

Unfortunately, for us yanks the AeroSwitch is not yet available in the United States.




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