- - Engo Eyewear Shows-Off New Smart Sunglasses

Engo Eyewear Shows-Off New Smart Sunglasses

Engo Eyewear is showing-off its latest smart sunglasses, offering cyclists the ability to manage their performance by viewing real-time data that’s displayed on the lenses.

Beneath its lightweight exterior, the sunglasses are powered by ActiveLook technology, which seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art AMOLED micro-displays with high-definition optics to project performance data directly into the cyclist’s field-of-view, without obstructing vision – even in low light conditions.

“Engo Eyewear is a rare example of wickedly stylish technology that elevates the athletic experience and can help to enhance sport performance,” said CEO Eric Marcellin-Dibon. “Its bold, refined design matches its incredible technology, so athletes no longer have to choose between fashion and function. We’re proud of the praise we’ve received from the tech industry, but we’re even more pleased by how enthusiastically athletes have responded to this game-changing product.”

Addiotnally, the sunglasses have the ability to pair with bike computers, GPS watches, smart phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to display performance data, while the company’s companion mobile app allows cyclists to personalize their viewing experience and display metrics such as heart rate, elapsed time, speed, power, distance and elevation. In addition, touchless operation also allows cyclists to wave their hand in front of the lenses and toggle through different data displays while on the move.

“Over the course of my pro cycling career and now coaching athletes, I have tried a variety of technologies to track and monitor performance. Nothing has come close to what Engo Eyewear has developed,” said Simon Kessler, former professional road cyclist and accomplished coach. “I’m extremely impressed with the functionality offered by Engo Eyewear’s new sports glasses. The ability to view performance data in real-time without looking down is not only efficient, but also much safer than other technologies on the market.” 

Other features that highlight the sunglasses include Photochromic NXT lenses that instantly adjust the display brightness with changing light conditions, providing razor-sharp vision and 100% ultraviolet protection, while ActiveLook technology precisely monitors data in order to maximize the cyclist’s performance without needing to glance down at a watch or power meter device. 

Also, the lightweight frame features a 3D-printed, polyamide material that’s impact resistant, along with flexible thermoplastic temples and nose piece that are easy to adjust.

Engo Eyewear is offering its new smart sunglasses at the introductory price of $397, along with an additional $60 savings with the code TrainWithEngo.


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