- - ENVE Brings Classified’s Powershift Hub to Its Wheelsets

ENVE Brings Classified’s Powershift Hub to Its Wheelsets

ENVE is the latest brand to bring Classified Cycling’s proprietary internal hub shifting technology to its range of carbon wheelsets and rolling chassis bikes.  

The international partnership will see several ENVE wheel models outfitted with Classified’s Powershift hubshell. The system enables riders to enjoy the gearing range and versatility offered by a 2x system but with the increased efficiency and aerodynamic advantages of a 1x, as well as the ability to shift under load.

ENVE customers can build a bike from the wheels up with products including the MOG / Melee / Fray, Foundation, SES, and G Series. The system will also be available to purchase as a complete rolling chassis model, where consumers can select their bike build online or through ENVE’s dealer network. This includes options to fully integrate Classified’s Powershift technology with other selections such as ENVE’s frameset, wheels, bars, stem and seat post models.

The range of Classified-equipped ENVE products, which are made to order, will be available in the EU and US from April 17th (complete bikes available only in Europe), with the first orders shipped the first week of May. Prices start from:

  • Wheels with Classified hubshell: Foundation: €1.499 / US$1,100; G Series: €2.699 / US$2,150; SES Series: €2.999 / US$2,450.
  • Rolling Chassis: ENVE Melee, MOG and Fray ENVE rolling chassis starting from €7.699 / US$8,000 with a Classified Powershift system.
  • Complete bike builds (Europe only): starting from €10.899.

“We look to ENVE as a benchmark of premium cycling manufacturing and this partnership represents our continued pursuit of innovation and performance in the industry,” said Mathias Plouvier, CEO of Classified.

“By working together with ENVE and our other partners, we can make our technology accessible to more riders than ever, giving them access to a new level of shifting performance and versatility whether they ride on the road, gravel or trail.”

Michael Stimola, CEO of ENVE Composites, said “ENVE has always been about delivering the best performance to uncompromising riders. Working with Classified allows us to add cutting-edge technology to a demanding community who want their bikes to excel under any conditions.”

Jake Pantone, VP of Product & Brand at ENVE added, “ENVE’s mission is to create a better ride experience through science and insight. When we were first introduced to the Classified Powershift Hub, we saw innovation that could enhance ENVE’s mission and bring value to our discerning customers.

“Whether someone is looking to maximize drivetrain efficiency, improve aerodynamics, or increase the range of their one-by drivetrain, Powershift delivers. We know this from personal experience after nearly two years of using the product ourselves. Pairing Classified’s Powershift Hub with an ENVE carbon rim, promises unprecedented performance of this system.”

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