- - ENVE Enters Pro Peloton with TotalEnergies Team Sponsorship

ENVE Enters Pro Peloton with TotalEnergies Team Sponsorship

ENVE has announced its entrance into the Pro Peloton, after the Utah-based brand inked a sponsorship deal with TotalEnergies to ride its the Melee road bike, cockpit system and wheels for 2024. 

“The partnership allows ENVE to join the pro peloton with bicycles and be a part of the world’s biggest events on a team with a storied history. ENVE’s Melee road bike was introduced this past season and will be the team’s go-to race bike for the 2024 season and beyond.”

Team TotalEnergies Manager Jean-René Bernaudeau said “We already knew their wheels, defined as the best in the world, and it made us very curious.”

“October was full in discussions with their engineers at the Team headquarters. Our technicians and riders were impressed by the responsiveness of ENVE. The tests conducted by our riders were more than positive and everyone, unanimously, recognized the very high technology of the bikes. I am delighted to associate our team with this innovative brand. We have many things to learn from our structures and have the same motivation to get great results through an important R&D work. Between our two companies, this collaboration will contribute to future victories. It is a beautiful and ambitious collaboration which is starting. ENVE lives in modernity and innovation like us. I’m sure that we will write a beautiful story. Our performance division and their Research and Development sector will work together over the next two seasons. I cannot wait to start the season”, he added. 

Meanwhile, ENVE will continue its wheel ands handlebar partnership with UAE Team Emirates and supply the SES line of wheels and SES Aero One-Piece Bars.

Additionally, Ivan Basso and Alberto Contador’s project, Team Polti Kometa, will remain on ENVE wheels and components throughout the 2024 season.

ENVE General Manager Mike Stimola says, “having the opportunity to partner with TotalEnergies, a team with so much history in the sport, is an honor for us. We’ve earned a reputation as the leader in wheel and component technology, and to now add ENVE bicycles to the professional peloton with TotalEnergies is an important step as a performance brand. We are always proud to see our products used at the highest level of the sport, in the biggest races, and this collaboration will allow us to introduce ENVE the bicycles brand to a far-reaching audience.”

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