- - ENVE Expands Its G Series with New "Gravel" Specific Handlebar and Fork

ENVE Expands Its G Series with New “Gravel” Specific Handlebar and Fork

ENVE has expanded its gravel specific G Series with the launch of a new dedicated “gravel” handlebar and fork, specifically developed for off- road, drop bar style riding for “gravel grinders” everywhere.

According to ENVE, its new G Series handlebar takes into consideration the needs and wants of riders who spend long-hours riding the roads and trails less traveled on drop bar bikes, which features a wider design throughout for improved comfort and stability, while also eliminating interference where the bar’s tight bends transition between the shifters and drops.

The most notable feature on the G Series handlebar, is the compound flare of the drops that result in each handlebar size measuring 12cm wider from center to center than at the hoods.

ENVE says, “this wide position creates a strong and stable base for riders when descending or riding in the drop position. In addition to the additional width, there are two unique full-purchase hand positions in the drops, one low for relaxed riding, and one high for riding where access to the controls is required.”

ENVE began test riding the new G Series bar and fork in early 2018 in order to dial in the carbon laminate and ride characteristics. 

“The new gravel handlebar resets the consideration set for how a gravel bike can feel and handle. We tested nearly all the handlebars on the market that have been classified for use on gravel or cross bikes and simply began making a list of what we liked and disliked. We collectively agreed that we needed more width on top, and that having flare in the drops provides real control and confidence when done properly. Ultimately, like most ENVE products, we ended up making the product we wanted, but couldn’t find elsewhere in the market, says VP of Product and Consumer Experience, Jake Pantone.

“Comfort and vibration damping are leading metrics in G Series development. Riding mostly unsuspended bikes over rough roads for long distances can really take a toll on your body. The carbon laminates employed in each G Series product have been refined to help the rider go fast and feel fresh longer”, says ENVE’s Chief Design Engineer, Kevin Nelson.

In addition, G Series handlebar has also been designed to accommodate electronic shifting, along with a wider clamping area that provides enough room for accessories ranging from lights to clip-on extensions. Moreover, the bar has also been shaped for ergonomic comfort and performance, with only round areas being used in places where clamping is required

The G Series handlebar is available in four sizes ranging from 42cm to 48cm, and retails for $350.

Like the handlebar, ENVE’s new G Series fork is designed to meet the needs of modern “gravel” riders, racers and frame builders alike, which features a 50mm rake and improved clearance for tires up to 50mm.

Additionally, the $550 G Series fork is fender compatible, utilizes a standard flat-mount brake caliper and weighs in at 520 grams.

Both G Series products are available from ENVE retail and distribution partners worldwide.


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