- - ENVE Introduces New Air Pressure Station

ENVE Introduces New Air Pressure Station

ENVE has introduced its new Air Pressure Station, aimed at helping cyclists address the importance of accurate tire pressure to meet the requirements of different riding conditions and tire specifications – especially when it comes to mounting tubeless tires.

In recent years, a renewed emphasis has been placed on inflation as a key component to performance. This is due to the fact that tubeless tire and rim volumes have increased substantially and more road riders are adding gravel to their cycling regime. As tire and rim volumes increase, tire pressures must decrease, and slight variances in pressure begin to have a greater effect on ride performance than they had with the narrow rims and tires of the past. 

“At ENVE, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the ride experience both on and off the bike, and historically speaking, we best achieve this by refining our carbon rim designs. What we’ve come to realize is that no matter how advanced or refined the carbon wheel becomes, something as simple as running too high or too low tire pressure will negatively impact a rider’s efficiency, traction, safety, confidence, and therefore the entire ride experience. For this reason, we are treating inflation as seriously as we take rim design, and the Air Pressure Station is proof of this commitment,” stated VP of Product and Consumer Experience, Jake Pantone. 

The ENVE Air Pressure Station delivers:

  • Accurate air pressure to within .5% of psi/bar
  • Smartphone scannable NFC tag to direct users to latest ENVE tire pressure charts and landing page
  • Automatic, hands-free inflation 
  • 3 x air pressure presets
  • Tire pressure range between 3psi (.2bar) and 145psi (10bar)
  • Compatible with air compressor or bottled ai
  • Adjustable presta-valve air chuck with 15 foot coiled air hose
  • International Protection Rating: IP66, provides complete weather protection (except submersions)
  • May be hardwired and mounted to mobile service trucks, vans, and trailers

According to ENVE, the Air Pressure Stations can be used anywhere there is a supply of compressed air and power. As such, ENVE expects to see these units embraced at retail, in rider’s homes, and in the field. 

“At the retail level, it is our intention that the Air Pressure Station be used as a tool to help educate consumers on the importance of riding the right tire pressure. Given the unit’s accuracy, it can also be used to verify the accuracy of other pumps and pressure gauges, which will help everyone to speak more accurately about their tire pressures.At the consumer level, these units deliver the ultimate inflation experience in terms of convenience, safety, and accuracy,” adds Pantone.

“Initially, the inflation units were created for deployment at ENVE headquarters and at events we attend to help streamline the wheel demo experience and to educate riders on the benefits of tubeless while helping them to find their optimal tire pressures. What we found was that not only did the units instigate many conversations around tubeless tire and wheel setup, but these same consumers often asked if we had the units available for sale. This helped us validate our belief that despite all the great inflation devices on the market, there was still opportunity for a halo level inflation product from ENVE,” commented ENVE’s VP of Commercial, Brandt Furgerson.

The ENVE Air Pressure Station’s automatic inflation capabilities stem from the units ability to measure back pressure from the tire it is connected to. To operate, the user sets the unit to their desired tire pressure by simply toggling the plus and minus buttons on the face of the unit. With the pressure set, the user then connects the air chuck to the valve stem, and unit will begin an inflation sequence until the rider’s exact pressure is achieved. The unit will then beep, indicating that the air chuck maybe removed. To help prevent over inflation, the unit will automatically return to a default pressure of 32psi after several minutes. To help users access their preferred tire pressures quickly, the unit features three air pressure preset buttons. In the case of a flat tire or new tire installation, an “override”button is used to deliver up to five metered blasts of air which have been optimized for seating tubeless tires. Once stable tire pressure is recognized by the unit, inflation will proceed to the rider’s set tire pressure.

ENVE’s Air Pressure Stations are available now in North America and may be purchased from participating ENVE Ride Centers or directly from ENVE for $750.00. International units will be available in select markets (Asia, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia) by the end of the year.

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