- - ENVE Launches New Fatbike Specific "M Series" Carbon Wheelset and "Fat Fork "

ENVE Launches New Fatbike Specific “M Series” Carbon Wheelset and “Fat Fork “

ENVE has launched a new Fatbike specific M Series carbon wheelset and Fat Fork just in time for winter. 

According to ENVE, the M685 is the latest addition to its M Series range of wheels, which features the company’s patented Wide Hookless Bead anti pinch-flat technology and an 85-millimeter internal rim width that’s compatible with both 26-inch and 27.5-inch diameter wheels – making it the widest option in the M6 Series of wheels.

The Fat Fork utilizes a one piece design including the steerer and dropouts, which has clearance for 5-inch-wide tires, and uses a reversible dropout chip that can adjust the rake of the fork from 42mm to 51mm to optimize handling with either a 26-inch or 27.5-inch wheels. 

Additional specs include a 1.5″ tapered steerer tube, a 490mm axle to crown measurement and a 15 x 150mm axle that’s designed to be used in conjunction with a 160mm post-mount rotor, while brake routing is internal through the left leg. 

“We developed the new M685 rim and Fat Fork to deliver a better ride experience for performance-oriented fat bike riders,” said Jake Pantone, ENVE’s vice president of product and consumer experience. “In the discovery phase of this project, we identified the need to keep the rim weight as low as possible without compromising terrain applications, and for a shape that helps shed snow and mud. When we rode the lightest weight rims on the market, their shallow and flat surfaces led to snow and mud accumulation that often added pounds of weight to each wheel. This insight led us to the M685’s rim shape, which features steep sidewall angles and a deeper cross section. This rim shape sheds snow more easily keeping the weight low in all trail conditions.”

ENVE’s new M685 wheelset and Fat Fork are now available for preorder, which will reach consumers and retailers worldwide by the end of November.

The M685 is available as a rim only for $999 or as a complete wheelset built with Industry Nine hubs for $2,800, while the Fat Fork will retail for $625.

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