- - ENVE Launches New Horizon Collection of Apparel

ENVE Launches New Horizon Collection of Apparel

Whether it’s sticking to the tarmac, or choosing the road less traveled, ENVE has launched a new collection of apparel called Horizon that’s aimed at roadies and gravel grinders alike.

“Driven to reach the summit, the end of the trail, to complete the journey, wherever that may take us. It’s the desire to venture beyond the confines of our everyday through the expanse of terrain that exists between you and the horizon. We bring you the Horizon collection, sourced from one of the finest apparel makers in the USA and completed with accessories desired for any journey worth taking,” boasts ENVE.

The Horizon collection comprises both men’s and women’s long and short sleeve jerseys, bibshorts, cargo bibshorts, lightweight vests, neck gaiters, caps, beanies and t-shirts, as well as accoutrements like water bottles and mugs. 

All of the garments feature the finest in fabrics and materials that are made in California.

You can see the full Horizon collection by visiting ENVE’s website here



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