- - ENVE Launches New Range of Aluminum Road Hubs

ENVE Launches New Range of Aluminum Road Hubs

ENVE has announced the launch of a new range of aluminum road hubs, with the goal of offering customers greater access to its series of wheelsets at a lower price point.

ENVE has historically partnered with leading third party hub manufacturers, which they will continue to do. However, the long-term goal of the Utah-based company is to ultimately feature its own hubs exclusively, thus eliminating supply concerns and sustainability issues down the road.

According to ENVE, its new range of aluminum road hubs are the result of more than 5 years of development, taking the necessary time to ensure excellent build quality and reliability.

While the goal was to create a light weight hub design, ENVE says, “not at the expense of wheel build dynamics and reliability.”

As a result, the flanges are robustly designed, featuring a profile that’s both large and wide in order to ensure optimal strength and durability, while ceramic bearings were omitted in favor of stainless steel to further keep costs down and increase the longevity of the hubs.

The new hubs are billet forged from 7075 aluminum, resulting in precisely machined shells and flanges for perfect spacing and geometry, along with a free hub body design that can be removed without tools in order to switch between Campy, Shimano, and Sram without the need of re-dishing the wheel. Moreover, housed behind the free hub body is a 40t ratchet style drive system that ENVE says is “tasked with delivering efficient and responsive power transmission in a highly reliable, virtually maintenance free package.”

Additionally, the races are stainless steel, while non-contact bearing seals were used for all of internal bearings in order to rule out contamination from the elements and deliver maximum rolling efficiency.

ENVE’s Perfect Preload technology was also incorporated into the design, ensuring that the hubs won’t develop lateral play or bearing slop over time.

ENVE will also be offering a disc brake variant, specifically aimed at the road, gravel and cyclocross segments.

Pricing for the new hubsets is $575 across the board, which come with a 5-year warranty and ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection Program.

Where are the mountain bike hubs?

ENVE says they’re actively working on a mountain bike version. But, given the unique performance requirements of the modern-day mountain bike hub, further development is needed in order to meet all of the new standards. 

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