- - ENVE Offers Revised Carbon Seatposts

ENVE Offers Revised Carbon Seatposts


Carbon fiber specialist, ENVE, has revised its popular seatpost by offering new designs that are both lighter and shorter than their predecessor, which also include a new Di2 battery plug for improved integration.

In addition, bike fitters will be delighted knowing the revised seatposts are available in both 0 and 25mm offsets, making precise saddle positioning all the more easy.

According to ENVE, the new seatposts are offered sizes of 25.4x300mm and 27.2x300mm, with a claimed weight of just 168g.


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The ENVE Road Seatpost is designed specifically for the modern road bike. Aside from a road specific construction that saves weight and provides additional comfort on the road, a battery retention plug is provided to allow for seamless electronic shifting system battery integration. The patented twin bolt design allows for simple and secure saddle position adjustments and is available in both 0mm and 25mm offsets to ensure you achieve proper fit on your bicycle.






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