- - ENVE Rolls Out New SES Tires

ENVE Rolls Out New SES Tires

After more than 10 years of development, ENVE is rolling out its latest SES tubeless tire, which features an innovative shape and construction that’s aimed at optimal aerodynamics, rolling efficiency and durability thanks to extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind-tunnel testing. 

“Over 10 years of aero product development with a focus on real-world performance has led us to tire development. Tire shape and construction greatly influence aerodynamics, rolling efficiency, and confidence. SES Road Tires are proven in CFD and the wind tunnel to reduce drag, and are constructed to deliver rolling efficiency, durability, and a confidence-inspiring ride, regardless of the weather,” boasts ENVE.

Available with either a tan or black sidewall, the new SES tire is offered in six sizes for $75.00.


  • Smart ENVE System Aero Optimized Shape and Tread Design
  • Natural and Synthetic Rubber Compound w/ Activated Silica for All-Weather Performance
  • Tubeless Ready and Inner-Tube Compatible
  • Hookless and Hooked-Bead Rim Type Compatible
  • Inner-Rim Width Compatibility:
  • Weight: 25c (255g), 27c (265g), 29c (275g), 31c (285g)
  • Vectran Protection Barrier
  • Attention: Natural Rubber Sidewall Will Darken Over Tim




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