- - ENVE Takes the Fuss Out of Tubeless Technology by Eliminating Rim Strips

ENVE Takes the Fuss Out of Tubeless Technology by Eliminating Rim Strips

In order to reduce the fussiness of their tubeless compatible road wheels, ENVE has decided to remove the traditional tube type rim tape from its entire range of tubeless compatible SES road rims and wheelsets.

According to ENVE, the reason for this change is that some consumers expressed the struggle involved with installing tires when using inner-tubes because the tube-type rim strip bridges the drop-center of the rim and effectively increases the Bead Seat Diameter, complicating tire installation for less experienced users.

“Our goal is that all SES rims and wheelset with tubeless compatibility be taped with the included tubeless tape regardless of whether they will run the wheelset with our without inner-tubes. This change will deliver a more user friendly tire installation and removal experience”, says ENVE.

ENVE says the change will take place immediately, as wheels shipped from this point forward will forgo tube-type rim strips. In addition, no tubeless rim will include the strip either.

Furthermore, as part of this change, each tubeless compatible SES rim will have a new warning sticker to ensure that a consumer does not attempt to install an inner-tube without first taping the rim with the provided tubeless tape.

The wheelsets that have received this change are:

  • SES 2.2 Clincher

  • SES 3.4 Clincher

  • SES 3.4 Disc Clincher
SES 5.6 Disc Clincher

  • SES 7.8 Clincher

  • SES 7.8 Disc Clincher

The SES 4.5 is not tubeless compatible and therefore will continue to ship with the tube-type rim strip installed on the rim and will remain available for order.

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