- - “Explore Your Boundaries” Bikepacking the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland

“Explore Your Boundaries” Bikepacking the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland

photos and video by Markus Stitz (@reizkultur)

Inspired by their shared desire to find adventure close to home, Explore Your Boundaries is a new documentary that follows accomplished cyclists Mark Beaumont and Markus Stitz as they seek ways of seeing the familiar in unfamiliar ways.

By mapping out and riding 24 Scottish off-road routes that loosely followed council boundaries, they hope to encourage local people to stay active and see more of their backyard, whether walking or cycling, through short adventures that start and end right at their front door.

The video documents four of the 24 routes, highlighting their experiences along the boundaries of Clackmannanshire (49 miles), East Lothian (105 miles), Falkirk (83 miles), and Glasgow (74 miles).

Reflecting on the project and how it connected him to his surroundings, Beaumont said, “The thing I love about the ‘Explore your Boundaries’ concept is that it forced us to find routes which we never would have looked for.

Often it felt like you were in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and yet if I stopped and thought about it, I was only 25 miles from home. 

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