- - Fabien Barel Presents "Chasing Gold" with Sam Hill

Fabien Barel Presents “Chasing Gold” with Sam Hill

Even though we’re dyed in the wool roadies here, once and awhile an off-load piece comes our way, that’s worthy of us leaving the terra firma and taking to the dirt for.

Check out Mavic’s latest video, where Fabien Barel is “Chasing Gold” with Sam Hill.   

What happens when you put two of racings most uncompromising characters together away from the race course? Fabien Barel and Sam Hill head off the beaten track to explore the old gold mining trails of Alexandra, New Zealand. After nearly a decade of going head-to-head for the biggest prizes in mountain biking, the two downhill legends escape from the stress of racing to find out more about each other and have fun riding their bikes.

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