- - Faserwerk Debuts Wuthocker Carbon Seatpost

Faserwerk Debuts Wuthocker Carbon Seatpost

The boutique brand Faserwerk has debuted its latest carbon seatpost called the Wuthocker, which involves a sophisticated fabrication process referred to as CPMC (compression molding compound) that results in a one-piece construction.

According to Faserwerk, CPMC involves more pressure than it does heat to create the seatpost, relying on separate molds and internal bladders to bond the head and tube of the Wuthocker together in a seamless design.

“The Wuthocker is almost entirely made from carbon. The hardware on top is made in CPMC (compression molding compound). Think of it as forging, but in carbon. Under enormous pressure, the material is pressed into the mold cavity. This results in high compaction and an excellent out of mold quality,.To produce the main tube, we developed our own process which we call 3DFC (3D forged carbon). It combines CPMC to form the head with traditional UD layers used in the tube. This happens all in one step for best performance,” explains Faserwerk.

Faserwerk says this not only results in a lighter and stronger seatpost, but also reduces environmental impact because of CPMC’s “cleaner” and “greener” process that leaves no waste and uses less energy.

In the end, the Faserwerk says the 27.2/400mm Wuthocker tips the scales at a feathery 188g.

The cost of the Wuthocker is $249, which can be purchased directly from Faserwerk here

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