- - Festka Dazzles with Special Edition Audi Rover Gravel Bike

Festka Dazzles with Special Edition Audi Rover Gravel Bike

Renowned for its wound carbon tube technology and intricate paint schemes, Festka is dazzling clientele with its latest, special edition Audi Rover gravel bike that gives a nod to the 1980’s Sport Quattro S1 rally car.

According to Festka’s art director, Tom Hnida, the boutique Czech brand was recently approached by Antti Peltonen, asking them to replicate the same paint scheme that once emblazoned the historic car during the short-lived rally Group B segment of the 1980’s.

“The frame was painted in exact HB Audi Team colors from the eighties. At first glance the colors are just plain white, red, black, grey and yellow. But when inspecting more closely, you notice the off-white nature of Audi Alpinweiss color, and how it forms a harmonious combination together with the really dark Audi Rally Brown, warm tinted Audi Rally Grey, HB Cigarettes yellow and gold, and fiery Audi Rally Red,” explains Hnida.

In addition to the one-off paint scheme, the bike also features Campagnolo’s new gravel-specific Ekar groupset, along with high end carbon cockpit components from the exclusive German brand Schmolke.




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