- - First Look at Bollé's FURO MIPS Helmet

First Look at Bollé’s FURO MIPS Helmet

The Bollé name has been synonymous with high-end eyewear for well over a century, amassing a long-list of famous athletes who have donned their goggles and sunglasses along the way. 

However, it wasn’t until three years ago that I realized the storied French brand had ventured into the cycling helmet segment as well.

In fact, it was at the 2017 Gran Fondo NYC that I first came across their stylish The One Premium helmet atop a sea of green and black cycling kits.

As it turned out, The One Premium was more than just a good looking cycling lid, as it comprised a whole host of interesting and unique features that we later outlined in a review.

Jumping ahead to the present, Bollé recently launched a new flagship helmet called the FURO, which not only strikes of even greater style and features than The One Premium, it also offers the latest in MIPS safety technology as well.

Indeed, Bollé’s 360 Fit System, removable aero shells, sunglass garage, roll cage construction and MIPS technology are some of the key features that plot the new FURO, while NACA ducts and KAMM Tail profiling ensure a slippery aerodynamic signature. 

At $229, the FURO is far from inexpensive, but keep in mind it’s targeting the top tier of cycling helmets on the market.

We recently got our hands on a FURO for review, which we’ll be reporting on in the near future.  

Until then, you can learn more about the FURO by visiting Bollé.com




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