- - First Look at Bont's Helix Road Shoe

First Look at Bont’s Helix Road Shoe

We recently got our hands on a pair of Bont’s flagship road shoes called the Helix, which feature a unique continuous cable closure system that wraps around the entire body of the shoe via a single BOA dial, giving it what the Australian brand says is an “even, anchored feel”.

In addition, the Helix also features Bont’s unidirectional monocoque carbon sole, a TPU ventilated toe protector and a lightweight, anti-stretch Durolite upper and tongue.

Just like other Bont cycling shoes, the Helix is also heat moldable using a conventional oven. 

“The system, in combination with an overlapping upper, allows for more adjustment and volume control. The continuous wiring spreads the load for a secure hold without localized pressure points,” says Bont. 

“The cable integration system has allowed us to keep the weight low, while adding even more to the concept of custom fit. Working with BOA and taking the wire completely around the shoe, we are able to ultimately fine-tune the fit and control the volume adjustment,” adds Bont.

According to Bont, the Helix weighs in at a feathery 230g (in a size 42) and it’s available in a wide range of sizes and half sizes from 36 to 50, along with five different colorways for $399.

We hope to start thrashing the Helix shoes along the New England countryside as part of a thorough review, but we first need to get clear of the harsh, winter road conditions.   

Meanwhile, first impressions indicate a superb build quality that reflects both a modern fit and finish, along with an artisan, handmade sense of craftsmanship, with sizing being spot on. 

The Helix also appears to have a great anatomic fit, providing even support thanks to the simple, straightforward design of the retention system, although being out on the road will prove to be the ultimate judge of that.

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