- - First Look at the Crono CW1 Winter Cycling Shoe

First Look at the Crono CW1 Winter Cycling Shoe

There are more cycling shoe companies out there than one could shake a frame pump at. But, aside from the big name players in the cycling footwear industry, there are some lesser-known brands like Crono, who’ve been turning out cutting-edge shoes from a time when most of the competition were still going through puberty. And, if one were to dig a little deeper, they would discover that the Italian brand was responsible for making high-end shoes for many well-known labels over the years as well. Think SIDI, Fizik and others.

Based in Callalta in the Treviso region of Italy, Crono offers a range of cycling shoes that span the road, mountain bike and triathlon segments.

However, given that Jack Frost is just around the corner for those of us here in New England, Crono’s CW1 winter cycling shoe is of particular interest.

Above and beyond the exquisite materials, attention to detail and boot-like construction, what’s especially appealing about Crono’s CW1 is the fact that it’s truly a dedicated road shoe, meaning it utilizes a traditional 3-bolt pattern, allowing the shoes to work with actual road pedals instead of hokey MTB/SPD’s.

Crono left no detail uncovered when designing the CW1, which comprises a special rubberized, neoprene outer-shell and an anti-slide zipper that are both water-proof, as well as a windtex lining, aimed at keeping the cyclist’s feet warm and dry under even the most extreme riding conditions. Moreover, rigidity is handled by a stiff, carbon fiber reinforced nylon sole.

The CW1 also features a sock-like, neoprene inner construction, combined with a unique draw-string fastening system, creating the sense of having a traditional road shoe that’s been housed within a boot.

At $249.99, the CW1 seems very reasonably priced for a shoe of this quality and application.  

Stay tuned for a thorough review of the Crono CW1 in the weeks to come.



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