- - Fizik Introduces New Argo Adaptive 3D-Printed Saddle

Fizik Introduces New Argo Adaptive 3D-Printed Saddle

Fizik has expanded its range of “adaptive” saddles to include the new Argo Adaptive, which features the Italian brand’s Carbon Digital Light Synthesis 3D-printed science.  

The Argo Adaptive combines 3D-printing technology manufactured by a specialist company called Carbon, along with Fizik’s saddle pressure mapping data to create tailored what the call “digital zonal cushioning”. 

Additionally, the saddle also features a unique 3D printed lattice structure that is said to be tuned for different loading patterns across the entire saddle, resulting  in a shape that’s “optimized for varying postures and sit bone positions”.

“In combination with our carbon digital padding, the Argo Adaptive creates the perfect platform for those who want exceptional, long-lasting comfort on a versatile saddle that provides both stability and balance,” boasts Fizik.

Originally developed in partnership with bike fitting expert Phil Burt, the Argo Adaptive offers a versatile short-nosed design encouraging stability and relieving pressure on soft tissue, adding to increased power output and allowing riders to become more aerodynamic.

Moreover, where a traditional saddle shape encourages riders to shift their position frequently, the new saddle puts the rider in a planted position, offering greater stability, comfort and weight distribution.

The Fizik Argo Adaptive is offered in two guises, the R1 with carbon rails that’s available in widths of 140mm (190g) and 150mm (196g) for $299, and the Argo Adaptive R3 with K:ium alloy rails, which is available in widths of 140mm (224g) and 150mm (230g) for $259.



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