- - Fizik Introduces New Gravel Specific Terra Argo X3 and X5 Saddles

Fizik Introduces New Gravel Specific Terra Argo X3 and X5 Saddles

Fizik has introduced its latest gravel-specific saddles called the Terra Argo X3 and Terra Argo X5, which feature a carbon-reinforced nylon shell for vibration absorption, along with Italian brand’s single piece Mobius construction and a pressure-relief cutout that’s filled in by a thin mudguard section to prevent debris from getting through.

“The Argo is our most versatile saddle shape, with each version suited to different riding styles. As the gravel-specific option, the Terra Argo has been engineered with a compliant shell to offer a certain degree of flexibility. This controlled elasticity absorbs road chatter and vibrations, delivering the comfort needed for long distance riding over unpaved roads,” says Fizik. 

Additionally, both saddles are available in a choice of 150mm and 160mm widths, along with a fairly long clamping area in order to accommodate plenty of fore and aft positioning.

“To better support the Terra Argo’s flexible shell, we used our closed-loop Mobius rail system for increased structural stability and responsiveness. The Terra Argo features a waved profile to provide the lower-back support necessary for long rides and to help riders hold their position while climbing on loose terrain. The same goes for the dropped-nose design which allows riders to rotate their pelvis while pushing forward on the nose for better traction and power transfer,” adds Fizik.

The Terra Argo X3 comes with lighter Kium metal rails and sells for 129.00€, while the slightly heavier Terra Argo X5 gets S-Alloy rails and costs 89.00€.




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