- - Fizik Offers "One-to-One" Fully Custom 3D Printed Saddle Program

Fizik Offers “One-to-One” Fully Custom 3D Printed Saddle Program

Fizik has launched a fully custom 3D-printed saddle service in partnership with gebioMized called One-to-One, allowing “cyclists to have their own, truly unique 3D-printed saddle”. 

The first step in the process requires the rider to undergo a personalized measurement session at a select Fizik dealer to be paired with the ideal saddle in the Adaptive range. Next, a pressure mapping session is performed in order to identify pressure hotspots, instabilities and asymmetries, explains Fizik.

From there, the data is analyzed to design a custom 3D-printed padding structure, with the rider choosing between carbon and Kium rails. Once the saddle is complete, there is a final fit session with the dealer after the customer receives his or her saddle.

Fizik brand manager Giovanni Fogal says: “We know that a good, accurate fit depends on many factors: bike geometry, intended use, saddle shape, and position. But most importantly every cyclist is unique: experience, sensitivity, history of injuries, body shape, riding goals. All of this can affect the way we sit on the saddle.”

“It’s clear that a traditional one-to-many saddle design can only provide an approximate solution to very specific problems. With One-to-One today we achieve what every saddle manufacturer has always dreamed of: bringing to life customized support available to every cyclist,” he adds.

“With over 20 years of experience in saddle pressure mapping, gebioMized has brought extensive expertise and know-how to this exciting project named One-to-One. gebioMized originally invented and implemented saddle pressure mapping in cycling, making the invisible visible in bike fitting. Only through pressure mapping can we truly understand what is happening at the contact points — saddle, pedal, and handlebar — between the rider and the bike,” explains Daniel Schade, CEO of gebioMized.

The cost of the One-to-One program doesn’t come cheap, with saddles starting at $499 with Kium rails and $599 for carbon. 

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