- - Fi’z:k Adds "Endurance" to Its Range of Bar Tape

Fi’z:k Adds “Endurance” to Its Range of Bar Tape


Just as the jazz song goes, “wrap you’re troubles in dreams … and dream you’re troubles away…”, so should be the catch phrase for Fi’z:k’s new Endurance bar tape.

At 2.5mm, the new Endurance tape may be just the right thickness from some riders who want something a bit more cushy than Fi’z:k’s Superlight, yet a tad more svelte than their super thick Performance tape.

Indeed, “optimal feedback” is what Fi’z:k was targeting with the Endurance, which is offer in three different textures – “Classsic”, “Soft Touch”, and “Tacky”.

According to Fi’z:k, the Endurance tape was developed in conjunction with pro riders from the Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team. To wit:

“Throughout the year we ride in so many different environments – with different road surfaces, temperatures, weather conditions and for different durations,” says Tom Meeusen of Telenet-Fidea. “To make sure all our riders get the best blend of comfort and control it’s vital to have a full range of thickness of tape to choose from, with the choice of textures that we expect from fi’zi:k.”

For those who think talk about bar tape thickness is a bunch of bushwah, trying riding with some that’s inadequate.

It’s subtle things like bar tape, which can easily make or break the comfort and ride quality of any bike. Period!

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