- - Flaer's Revo Via System Offers Automatic Chain Lubing

Flaer’s Revo Via System Offers Automatic Chain Lubing


Thanks to Flaer’s new REVO VIA, cyclists may never have to check the dipstick ever again, at least when is comes to lubing their bike chain.

The REVO VIA is a new automatic chain lubing system that does precisely what its name implies, it lubes one’s chain using a self-dispensing system while riding, by automatically applying small doses of lube to the chain at set time intervals.

However, in addition to providing smooth shifting and preserving chain life, Flaer says the REVO VIA can also improve performance by virtue of watts gained as a result of reduced friction.

“It is impossible to achieve a 100% efficiency through a drive train, there will always be a discrepancy between what you put in at the cranks and what you get out at the rear hub,” says Flaer’s Andy Parker. “However, what we are able to do is keep these losses to a bare minimum, approx. 5 watts. This is where any chain that has been appropriately lubricated would be at the beginning of a ride. Where the Revo Via provides a performance advantage is, it can keep you at this 5 watt level for the duration of your ride.”


According to Flaer, the REVO VIA is comprised of a small control module and a fluid reservoir which is attached to the down tube of the bike, followed by a short hose that runs along the chainstay to the dispensing unit that’s attached to the rear derailleur.

From there, the battery powered system dispenses lube from its 27ml reservoir in intervals ranging between 7.5 to 37.5 hours – depending on the riding conditions. Moreover, Flaer says, that installation is very straightforward, and the REVO VIA only adds 121g to the bike.


While this may come across as being borderline lazy to most cyclists, the system may very well have its merits for the long distance, adventure cyclist.

You can learn more about the REVO VIA here.


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