- - "The Foot Revolution" Delivers Eye-Catching Cycling Socks Each Month

“The Foot Revolution” Delivers Eye-Catching Cycling Socks Each Month


The phrase “it’s all in the details” couldn’t hold truer when it comes putting together the ideal cycling “kit”, with socks often being the prime accessory for tying in the whole ensemble.

However, instead of cyclists reaching for the same old pair socks each time, The Foot Revolution has a program that delivers a new set of eye-catching socks each month as means of changing things up a little.  To wit, 

Aren’t you tired of not knowing what to get that cyclist or triathlete in your life, even if they probably do love their bike more than you? We know the struggle. That is why we started The Foot Revolution! You can rest easy knowing that a subscription to The Foot Revolution will have them thinking of you every time they jump on the bike!

If the socks are for yourself, well, than we would probably be best friends.


For as little as $15 per month, cyclists will receive a dazzling pair of socks from such bespoke brands as Maap, Handlebar Mustache and Ten Speed Hero.

Subscribers can also decide how many pairs they want, for the period of months they want to receive them.


Using the good ol’ US Postal Service (perhaps the only government agency that’s still capable of doing its job these days ;-)), all orders ship on the 4th of every month and can arrive as quickly as 2-3 days for customers in the USA, and around a week for international orders. 

Oh, and international shipping is free!


Judging by the grooviness of some of these socks, we’re wondering if they won’t form the basis of putting a kit together instead of the other way around. Dig!


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For just $15 a month, we’ll send you a new pair of high quality eye catching cycling socks. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. Even more exciting? You don’t have to choose what pair you get! You can now rest easy knowing that you’ll have a fresh pair of high quality socks for the hammer sesh on Saturday or the espresso ride on Monday! And you can be damn sure they will look good. What do you say? We think it’s time you take your sock game to the next level!

  • Month by month: $15  
  • Three month subscription: $45 
  • Six month subscription: $84 
  • 12 month subscription: $156 





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