- - Fulcrum Debuts New Rapid Red 3 Wheelset

Fulcrum Debuts New Rapid Red 3 Wheelset

Just as Location, Location, Location has always been the catchphrase in the real estate world, the words Gravel, Gravel, Gravel continue to punctate the cycling industry, with each company trying to capitalize on the ever-increasing segment – especially with wheels.

Not surprisingly, Fulcrum has decided to extended its range of gravel specific wheelsets to include their latest Rapid Red 3, which continues with a 24mm aluminum rim, but increases the internal and external width by 1mm in order to accommodate tires up to 46mm in size 700c, or up to a whopping 60mm as a 650b set-up, while 24 double-butted spokes are fitted to both the front and rear wheels in Fulcrum’s 2:1 pattern.

Additionally, the Rapid Red 3 features a two-way fit system, allowing cyclists to configure the wheelset as either tubeless or with traditional inner tubes installed, along with 12mm x 100/142mm thru-axles, as well as end caps to adapt the front hub to forks that utilize a 15mm axle. Also, Fulcrum added splines for a center-lock rotor, making the rear hub compatible with both HG11 and XDR bodies. 

“Exploring B-roads along quiet secondary paved and unpaved roads, with some off-road sections thrown in for fun, on drop bar bikes and wider tyres is something that we know and love here at Fulcrum. For years we have been designing, testing and pedalling the best wheels for paved and unpaved sectors. All this experience has prepared us to provide specific solutions for people that enjoy exploring with their bikes, guaranteeing quality, reliability and performance,” says Fulcrum. 

The new Rapid Red 3 wheelset in size 700C (1710g) sells for $755 USD (HGE) and $766 (XDR), while the 650b (1640g) version costs the same.




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