- - Fulcrum Defies Gravity with New Speed 25 Wheelset

Fulcrum Defies Gravity with New Speed 25 Wheelset

Fulcrum is defying gravity with the launch of its new Speed 25 wheelset, which tips the scales at a feathery 1,285 grams, an impressive figure for a set of rim brake wheels, let alone for a pair of disc brake specific hoops

“They are the ideal wheels for cyclists looking to post their best times uphill, but also for ultra-cyclists who have to deal with adverse weather conditions and want a stable and reliable wheel even in strong gusts of wind,” boasts Fulcrum.

The Speed 25 features a 26mm-deep rim profile, while the front utilizes a symmetrical design and the rear an asymmetrical, resulting in what the Italian brand claims are “better dish angles to achieve greater lateral stiffness”. 

Additionally, the wheelset features Fulcrum’s Direct Inmold Matte Finish, eliminating a final finishing stage that further keeps the weight down, along with a non-drilled bridge, allowing tubeless tires to be fitted without the need for rim tape. 

Other features include Fulcrum’s MoMag (Mounting Magnet) technique, wherein the spoke nipples are pushed into the rim via the valve hole and guided magnetically into place, ensuring both optimal strength, while further reducing weight.

“The minimal design of the hub makes a considerable contribution to the low weight,” explains Fulcrum. “Its weight has been reduced and its internal and external sections have been optimised so that it is as aerodynamic as possible, as well as reliable, strong and able to withstand considerable torsional stresses.”

The Speed 25 also gets Campagnolo’s (Fulcrum’s parent company) USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings, resulting in a claimed 50% less rolling resistance than standard bearings, along with 24 double-butted spokes for both the front and rear that don’t touch where they cross, yielding greater strength and durability. 

“There are various advantages to this approach: constant long-term durability, resistance and stiffness, without any of the creaks that can develop when spokes rub,” says Fulcrum.

The Speed 25 wheelset is available with HG11, XDR and N3W freehubs, which sells for $2,526 / £2,000 / €2,190.





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