- - Fulcrum Unveils Latest "Wind" Carbon Wheelsets

Fulcrum Unveils Latest “Wind” Carbon Wheelsets

Fulcrum has unveiled the latest iteration of its “Wind” series wheelsets, offering both road and “light” road capabilities in new rim profiles of 42mm and 57mm.

Fulcrum says the new hoops are not only optimized for better aerodynamics, but they also shed around 100 grams over the out-going Wind 40 and Wind 55 wheelsets thanks to the Italian brand’s FF80 carbon construction, tipping the scales at 1,510g and 1,585 grams, respectively.

Also, the internal rim width of the new Wind wheels has been increased from 19mm to 23mm, allowing for tires up to a beefy 35mm.

“The new Wind family allows for the broadest choice possible, from 25 mm right up to 45 mm. We recommend tires from 28 to 30 mm for exclusive road use and between 32 and 35 for mixed surface riding,” boasts Fulcrum.

Additionally, the nose of the rims have been widened as well, which now feature a radius of 9.5 mm that’s said to improve both the wheels’ aerodynamic signature and overall handling, while molded-in spoke holes further enhance stiffness. Moreover, the wheels also feature Fulcrum’s DRSC (Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling) system where a plastic support is imbedded in the carbon between the nipples and the rim to provide increased stiffness and durability.

Elsewhere, the new Wind series is treated to forged hubs, along with a new freehub that now features a 36-tooth ratchet system, while stainless steel, self-locking aluminum nipples laced in Fulcrum’s Two-to-One system “doubles the spokes in the areas subject to greater mechanical stresses to prevent the dispersion of energy and contrast the torsional force”.

Available with Campagnolo N3W, Shimano HG or Sram XDR freehub bodies, the Fulcrum Wind 42 and Wind 57 sell for around $1,525.00.




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