- - The Furia Concept Bicycle

The Furia Concept Bicycle

There seems to be no storage of far-flung concept bikes these days. And, while many of them are truly impressive feats of engineering excellence, very few ever become actual functioning bikes that make their way into production.

Nevertheless, the Furia Concept Bicycle by Francesco Manocchio is truly a sight to behold.

Winner of the prize “Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio” issued by ADI Italy, “the Furia is a concept bicycle designed to experiment a technological fusion between carbon fiber composite and 3D printing material”, says Mannocchio.

“Exploring the emerging techniques of rapid manufacturing, gave me the opportunity to be inspired by technology. Looking for lightness, strength and performance this design process aims to define our speculative view of bicycle in the next future.”

While this futuristic concept does not change the bicycle game by design alone, it does represent a bold execution in the use of materials and structural lay-out, which features intricately crafted lightweight carbon fiber composite and 3D printed components throughout both the frame and wheel assembly.   

In addition, the Furia also features a unique center-hub steering design that takes its queues from the renown Italian motorcycle brand Bimota, which should make for an interesting ride dynamic. 

Will the Furia Concept Bicycle ever make it into production?

Perhaps it will garner the interest of a cycling enthusiast who has pockets deep enough to have a one-off version made, or better still, an investor(s) who sees its promise and has the capital to back it up.  

The future will tell.

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