- - Garmin Debuts New Tacx Neo 3M Smart Trainer with Integrated Motion Plates

Garmin Debuts New Tacx Neo 3M Smart Trainer with Integrated Motion Plates

Garmin has launched its latest smart trainer called the Tacx NEO 3M, touting it as its most accurate and powerful direct-drive trainer to date, which features multidirectional movement courtesy of motion plates, take the indoor riding performance to the next level. The new trainer also builds on Tacx’s innovative electromagnetic motor braking system to deliver a virtual flywheel that allows cyclists to experience the feeling of riding on different road types and even downhill.

Plus, it seamlessly integrates with the Tacx Training app so riders can complete training plan workouts synced over from their Garmin Connect calendar, participate in virtual GroupRides, take part in training rides with WorldTour pros and experience immersive videos from some of the most beautiful routes and locations around the world. 

“Our goal is to make indoor training as realistic to their outdoor rides as possible and we’re proud to do just that with the introduction of the Tacx NEO 3M—the only trainer to offer built-in multidirectional movement, a virtual flywheel and a magnet motor. Now, cyclists can take advantage of features and technology they won’t be able to find anywhere else and, as a result, level-up their training like never before.” –Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales.

The Tacx NEO 3M provides the most realistic indoor ride yet with advanced training and performance metrics, including:

  • Multidirectional movement: Built-in motion plates complement the natural side-to-side flexion of the trainer by adding front-to-back movement, letting cyclists ride in a more natural position to train more effectively. The plates can even be toggled on and off as desired.
  • Real road feel: The virtual flywheel simulates the feeling of riding on different road types – like cobblestone and gravel – to help cyclists train on a variety of terrains3.
  • App integration: In addition to integration with the Tacx Training app, connect with other popular training and virtual riding platforms, like TrainerRoad and Zwift, then automatically upload ride data to the Garmin Connect app.
  • Simulated inclines: Crush the toughest climbs by training on realistically simulated inclines up to a 25% gradient—and experience descent simulation too.
  • Power accuracy: Performance measurements including power, speed and cadence are accurate to within 1% across a broader range of power outputs to meet the demands of cyclists of all levels.
  • Sprint-ready: Get maximum stability, even during explosive sprints—up to 2,200 watts.
  • Dynamic inertia: Maintain a sensation of forward motion based on a cyclist’s weight, speed and gradient.
  • ERG mode: Power targets are automatically adjusted during workouts in this mode.
  • Exceptional design: Magnets minimize vibration, making for an extraordinarily quiet trainer while a built-in LED indicator changes colors to show how hard a cyclist is pushing. Cyclists can also ride without plugging the trainer in and a new integrated handle makes for easier transportation.

Get more from your ride with the Tacx Training app

Additionally, riders can now use the Tacx Training app on a compatible smartphone or tablet, allowing them to complete training plan workouts from the Garmin Connect app, access high-quality training videos from around the world, participate in training rides alongside WorldTour pro teams, connect and train and ride with friends globally with GroupRide, as well as complete challenges to earn badges in Garmin Connect. Moreover, riders can redeem a free, three-month premium subscription to the Tacx Training app with the purchase of a NEO 3M.

Lastly, the Tacx NEO 3M is ready-to-ride with a new pre-installed 11-speed cassette, a seamless in-app onboarding process via the Tacx Training app and with no calibration required. Riders can also use a new adapter (sold separately) to get a stronger, more stable connection for virtual races through Ethernet or Wi-Fi technology.

Available now, the Tacx NEO 3M has a suggested retail price of $1,999.99.


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