- - Garmin Launches Index Smart Scale

Garmin Launches Index Smart Scale

Garmin announced today, the launch of its new Index Smart Scale, which is capable of measuring such metrics as weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass.  In addition, the new scale is designed to interface and automatically upload said measurements via Wi-Fi to Garmin Connect app., which in turn can integrate with a range of Garmin products.

“The Index Smart Scale is an exciting addition to the Garmin lineup,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “We designed this smart scale to be both beautiful and functional, and with it we’re able to complete the wellness circle of weight management. We’re also excited to offer this as an option to our millions of running, cycling and multisport athletes who are looking for a smart solution to track body composition data along with the rest of their data in Garmin Connect.”

In addition to the Index Smart Scale’s ability to measure the metrics that count, it offers a quick and user-friendly setup, using a smartphone1, WiFi2 or ANT+3, which is topped-off by its sleek, modern design with a bright LCD display and extra large numbers for easy visibility.

Supporting up to 16 different users, the Index Smart Scale is perfect for teams and multi-user households and workplaces, wherein the scale  can recognize each user and automatically upload data to their individual Garmin Connect accounts.

By simply stepping on the scale, the Index Smart Scale can recognize the user and wirelessly sync his or her measurements, making the data available online or in the recently updated Garmin Connect mobile app.

With the available sleep and activity tracking4 already in Garmin Connect, the addition of weight tracking gives Garmin users a more comprehensive view of their health and wellness. Users can even link their MyFitnessPal account with Garmin Connect to automatically sync calorie and nutrition information for even more data such as active and consumed calories, and remaining calories (based on goals set in MyFitnessPal).

The Index Smart Scale is currently being introduced in conjunction with a 360-degree global advertising campaign called “Beat Yesterday,” which includes television, print, digital and social media executions that show how Garmin wearables and devices help people as they strive to do better than they did the day before. “Beat Yesterday” is about being healthier and moving more, further or faster each day.

Index Smart Scale will be available in November in both black and white. It has a suggested retail price of $149.99.


Smart Scale with Connected Features
Wi-Fi® connected; compatible with Bluetooth® and ANT® wireless connectivity
Measures weight, body mass index, body fat, muscle mass and more
Recognizes up to 16 users
Up to 9 months of battery life
Garmin Index

Metrics that Matter
Whether you’re an athlete in training or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, Garmin Index smart scale provides the metrics you need to track progress and see results. It measures weight (lbs, kg, st), body mass index (BMI), body fat/water percentage, bone mass and muscle mass.

Full Circle of Wellness and Weight Management
Garmin offers a variety of wearables to fit your activity level and your preferred sport. Now, Garmin Index smart scale gives you a way to see the results of your active efforts and review those stats on Garmin Connect™, our free online fitness community.

Get Connected
Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your data to Garmin Connect. From your computer or on your compatible mobile device, Garmin Connect lets you see your data in more detail and review your progress against your goals. Up to 16 people can be recognized by the smart scale and have their body composition metrics automatically uploaded directly to their own Garmin Connect accounts.

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