- - Garneau Introduces New Flagship Course Air Lite XZ Road Shoe

Garneau Introduces New Flagship Course Air Lite XZ Road Shoe

We’ve had the good fortune of reviewing Garneau’s top-end road shoes over the last few years, starting with the Course Air Lite leading up to the Course Air Lite II.

Along the way, we’ve regaled the shoes as being some of the most comfortable and top performing kicks in the high-end road segment with descriptions like “having an iron foot in a velvet cycling shoe”.

Well, Garneau has just upped their game with the introduction of its latest flagship road shoe called the Course Air Lite XZ, which features the Canadian brand’s award winning X-Comfort Zone technology that’s designed to allow the shoe’s upper to stretch in order to accommodate B to D+ foot widths thanks to a ventilated elastomer-spandex insert, while conceding nothing in the way of support.

Garneau describes it as, “a dynamic, non-constrictive fit for the foot’s natural toe splay, which improves power, reduces injuries, and creates unsurpassed comfort. The new X-Comfort Zone technology keeps the front part of the shoe more flexible to accommodate larger feet.”

However, the Course Air Lite XZ now incorporates the X-Comfort Zone on both sides of the shoe, allowing the foot to expand up to 6mm when pedaling.

Other features that highlight the shoe include BOA Li2 retention dials, a full-carbon sole with patented air channels and Garneau’s 3D insoles with adjustable arch supports.

Starting in March, the new Course Air Lite XZ will be available in a range of sizes from 38 to 48 (half sizes in 40.5 to 46.5) in Red, White and Black for $384.99. 

The Course Air Lite XZ is so good that Team Rally’s Nickolas Zukowsky is already racing in them, replete with his own colorway. 







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