- - Garneau Launches "LIVE YOUR DREAM" Campaign

Garneau Launches “LIVE YOUR DREAM” Campaign


Garneau Launches “LIVE YOUR DREAM” Campaign Where Cyclists of all Levels are Invited to Tell Their Story

Garneau announced the week, the launch of a new campaign called LIVE YOUR DREAM, where cyclists of all levels are invited to tell their story about what fuels their passion for riding, and how it has led to some of their life’s accomplishments.

The LIVE YOUR DREAM campaign will continue throughout the year, highlighting the stories of nine different riders, featuring cyclists with diverse athletic backgrounds, including a child who rode his bike year round to school, a novice rider training for a long-distance ride, a pro cyclist with Olympic dreams, and an IRONMAN World Champion hopeful. 

“These are real people telling their own stories. Everybody is unique, with his and her own dreams, and we hope to engage with riders at that level,” explains Eric Sakalowsky, Garneau’s Global Marketing Director. “We are about the people riding our products and we hope their stories and dreams will encourage others to ride more and with more passion.”

As part of the campaign, Garneau will also ramp-up its social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

In addition, Garneau will further enhance the Live Your Dream message with:
• A redesigned website launching this Spring to improve the consumer experience through greater content and usability
• An Ambassador Program with over thirty individuals throughout North America, each with compelling stories that will further convey the messaging via social media.

To learn more about the Garneau’s campaign, please visit their site at: LIVE YOU DREAM.

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