- - Get Your Favorite "Climb" in Poster Print from "Out the Saddle"

Get Your Favorite “Climb” in Poster Print from “Out the Saddle”


Thanks to Out the Saddle, whether it’s France, Italy, Spain, Belgium or the UK, cycling fans can now get their hands on their favorite “climb” in poster print form.

Out the Saddle’s founder, Michael Harris, enjoyed traversing the hills and peaks of Yorkshire, England so much, he started designing clever prints to regale his favorite ascents. 

From there, Harris’ inspiration moved to memorializing other epic climbs throughout Europe, which ultimately led to 40 commemorative prints.



Each print includes the climb’s location, length, elevation gain and average gradient, as well as a short motto encapsulating the climb’s attraction

Harris says that each design is produced in limited runs of 10 or 25 copies, and they’re printed A3 size on 170gsm uncoated card stock.


The prints can be ordered on line at 

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