- - "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out" with a Pair of The Freshly Minted Cycling Socks

“Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out” with a Pair of The Freshly Minted Cycling Socks

Just like the snazzy necktie or scarf that ties in the wardrobe, or how the stylish rug tastefully anchors the decor, it’s the right sock that elevates a cycling kit to an ensemble of sartorial splendor.

But, one collection of socks like The Freshly Minted really allows a cyclist to Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

Indeed, bold designs and striking colorways plot the entire collection, leaving the fashion conscious cyclist with the dilemma of choosing which style. I know I was!

The founders of The Freshly Minted are the dyad of Suzette Ayotte and Ming Tan, long-time fixtures in the cycling trade who have traversed enough terrain over the years to truly know how to design a high performance cycling sock.

“Something first class and fresh, and on the finer side of life. We wanted to make that something accessible, choice, and utile. And what’s more utile than a pair of socks?”

“Mid-mod designs and colors are incorporated into our freshly minted socks. Designs from that era represent our commentary on newly minted Mint socks. You can never truly replicate an original mid-century modern fabric, design, or piece of furniture because there’s an emotion attached to the original and to the era. That’s why we love the era. We know there are emotions attached to some of your material things. And we hope that you attach some emotion to ours,” says the duo. 

A pair of The Freshly Minted socks fetches $20.00. While that maybe pricey for some cyclists wanting caviar on a beef jerky budget, the socks comprise the finest blend of Italian materials made in Italy.

Moreover, for every pair of socks The Freshly Minted sells, they donate one dollar to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, also known as NICA.

After viewing The Freshly Minted collection, I can’t help envisioning Walter Gropius and The Rolling Stones hang around the Bauhaus and getting their Ya-Ya’s Out in a pair



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