- - GloveTacts Let Cyclists Stay Connected to Their Devices

GloveTacts Let Cyclists Stay Connected to Their Devices

GloveTacts announced this week, the launch of the first-ever adhesive conductive fingertip tech, which allows cyclists to stay connected to their devices. 

The patent-pending GloveTacts use ConnecTec™, an ultra-thin material more conductive than human skin, for precise touchscreen sensitivity.

The ConnecTec pads attach securely and durably to nearly any glove via an advanced adhesive developed with 3M, creating a low-profile add-on that’s hardly noticeable by cyclists..

“I spend a lot of time outside, especially on my motorcycle and mountain bike,” said Gregorio de Haro, founder and CEO. “I got frustrated by missing photo opportunities or taking too much time to navigate with my smartphone. It just isn’t practical to have to take your gloves off every time you need to operate your device. And if it’s cold, it’s certainly not pleasant.”​

While, manufacturers offer gloves with integrated conductivity, but most have to be thin enough to allow skin contact with the conductive material – consequently being unable to provide any level of warmth or protection. 

As a result of not being able to find a reliable solution that was easy to use and inexpensive, de Haro set out to create his own. And, over the course of almost a year, he developed GloveTacts.

“We are made in the U.S.A. and proudly utilize the diverse industry and people of the Los Angeles area,” said de Haro. “It cuts down manufacturing lead times, transportation expenses, quality control costs, carbon footprint and allows us to give back to the local economy while making a quality and affordable product.”

Since ConnecTec doesn’t require contact with human skin, GloveTacts are a versatile solution for limitless applications in work and play, and in this case, especially cycling.  

The secret lies in micro carbon filaments embedded in the outer polyurethane layer of ConnecTec, creating a resistance of 104 ohms (Human skin conductivity typically is 105). The conductive layer is blended seamlessly with a polyester adhesive layer for a durable product that will likely outlast the gloves it’s attached to.

“It’s a simple yet elegant solution for anyone who’s fumbled with a touchscreen device while wearing gloves, from pro snowboarders to the cable guy,” said de Haro.

The GloveTacts are currently available online in black only, with a price of $9.99 USD for a set of two, with either a thumb/finger combo, or two index fingers.

To learn more, check out GloveTacts video below.

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