- - GoJoe Introduces New Fitness App

GoJoe Introduces New Fitness App

Not to be confused with a popular, gritty hand cleaner or a mediocre Japanese action movie bearing a similar name, GoJoe has launched a new fitness app that’s aimed at encouraging social fitness through virtual team challenges and influencer led activities. 

Backed by triathlete and double gold Olympic medalist Alistair Brownlee, GoJoe is looking to change the way people view exercise, bringing a fun yet competitive edge to everyday fitness. People can even join a team captained by Brownlee himself in a special event to mark his backing of the new app. 

“We’re Ordinary Joes ourselves, and like many others, we struggle to get motivated to exercise despite all having tried various apps and physical events. To combat that we’re building GoJoe and a community of likeminded ‘joes’. It’s all about transforming boring solo exercise into social virtual experiences in order to supercharge motivation levels,” says Will Turner, co-founder of GoJoe.

“Our goal is to get people enjoying their solo exercise, and while there are data-led fitness apps that help fitness enthusiasts develop as an individual in their fitness journey, we have always felt that an added social element – exercising with or against people you know, whether friends, celebrities or colleagues – will not only help people start but will encourage people to continue to exercise.”   

“To have the backing of a sporting legend like Alistair Brownlee is fantastic for us. Even though he’s an elite, double gold Olympic medalist, he’s super passionate about motivation and participation at all levels of sport and is really interested in technology and innovation. He also knows a thing or two about what it takes to get people moving, regardless of fitness level,” he adds. 

“I invested in GoJoe because I am absolutely passionate about the role technology can play in inspiring and motivating us all to be healthier and fitter and live more active lifestyles. I believe that GoJoe is a novel way of encouraging people to live a healthier life. The social aspect of motivation is important for everyone. It’s crucial for elite athletes, but I would say it’s even more important to help keep everyday people motivated. GoJoe’s app has been created in a way to engage people on a daily basis, and ultimately help them become fitter, healthier, and happier whether you’re just starting out or a professional athlete,” says Brownlee.

You can learn more about the new app by visiting GoJoe’s website here.


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