- - GORE Launches New Fabian Cancellara Collection of Apparel

GORE Launches New Fabian Cancellara Collection of Apparel

GORE and Fabian Cancellara have teamed-up to launch a new collection of cycling apparel aptly called the Cancellara Collection

The limited collection comprises eight garments including jerseys, bibshorts, a jacket, gloves and socks, with each available in either Gore’s C7 or C5 range of apparel. 

According to GORE, its C7 collection is more race-specific, while the C5 collection features design modifications based on its standard road collection. 

The new Cancellara Collection is not merely a case of a celebrated ex-pro simply hanging his name on some apparel, rather the former Olympic and World Champion played a key role in the development and design of the collection. 

“Fabian Cancellara is an Olympic and World Champion and the perfect partner for this unique project. It’s a celebration of what we can create when we collaborate with our athletes. Especially one with an unparalleled career like Fabian. The Cancellara kit is designed around our most advanced technologies and collections. Fabian played a key role in the development and design process of both the race-specific “C7” collection as well as the “C5” collection. The result: unquestioned performance for road cycling fans around the world,” says GORE. 

“7” is Cancellara’s favourite number. Throughout his career he picked up 7 Spring Classics victories and won the prologue of the Tour de France on 7.7. 2007. That’s why a „heptagon“ functions as central design element of the collection. Predominantly used as a discreet print element, it also features in small details like the jersey zippers. The “orbit blue” color is truly stunning and Cancellara’s personal choice. It is repeated across the entire collection – also in the GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY stretch jacket”, explains GORE. 

The Cancellara Collection features GORE’s most advanced technologies such as GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY technology that provides ultra packable, highly breathable and durably waterproof protection. Moreover, the bibshort pads were developed for ultimate comfort and protection, allowing riders to stay in the saddle longer. There’s also GORE’s new Central Torso Architecture that allows the body to move freely, while bibshorts and pads remain firmly in place to avoid chafing.

“I was always the first person wanting to test and develop products further to get the most out of them,” says Cancellara.

You can see the full Cancellara Collection by visiting GORE’s website here

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