- - Graphene-Polymer Technology is a Major Breakthrough for E-Bike Batteries

Graphene-Polymer Technology is a Major Breakthrough for E-Bike Batteries

In-efficient charging and limited battery life have long-been the main problems in restricting the development of eBikes.

However, the Chinese firm, Jiangsu NESC Science and Technology Company, claims to have discovered a breakthrough solution through the application of space technology and Graphene to expedite charging and prolong battery life.

According to a report in the China Daily, Jiangsu NESC Science and Technology Company has developed a new battery through the use of Graphene-Polymer technology that’s capable for fast charging in less than 15 minutes.

“Graphene-lithium is highly needed technology which is to revolutionize batteries including the ones for e-bikes. The addition of Graphene nano-technology to Lithium batteries brings unprecedented properties as the carbon atoms in Graphene are superconductive,” says NESC president Yao Xiaoging. 

“The technology improved all of the five performance parameters. These include energy density, power density, temperature, cycle life and safety. Our 6Ah battery based on Grapheme-Polymer technology, highlights a breakthrough in electric capacity, performance and life cycle. The ability to fully charge electric vehicles at regular speed in 10-15 minutes and to do so over 1,500 times will help solve fundamental problems for new energy vehicles,” he added.

NESC hit the market quickly by cooperating with various delivery companies and take-away platforms, wherein more than 100,000 units of batteries have been installed in the electric delivery eBikes throughout China.

Meanwhile, the company launched a mobile APP that displays the service condition of each battery and charging station in multiple cities.

Wuxi is one of the country’s largest production bases for electric vehicles and also the weathervane for trends in the electric vehicle industry. “Wuxi boasts a large electric vehicle industry, but lacks battery producers,” Yao said, adding that NESC will strive to improve production capability and optimize Wuxi’s electric vehicle industrial chain.




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