- - How Harassment Effects Female Bike Messengers

How Harassment Effects Female Bike Messengers


Catcalling isn’t just harmless fun. These bike female bike messengers from Philadelphia tell us how street harassment makes their jobs more dangerous.

After research and public surveys, a new video short has been released exposing the true nature of being a female bicycle messenger in the US. The documentary interviews several female bike messengers who share their stories of being harassed on the job. It’s more than just the occasional whistle.

If being a bike messenger wasn’t hard enough: having to dodge traffic, meet deadlines, risk mechanical failures and adverse weather; the women said they had to deal with all kinds of street harassment:

  • Being groped
  • Being flashed
  • Having things thrown at them
  • Being spit upon
  • Getting followed
  • Degrading profanity shouted at them
  • Death threats

Unfortunately, the alarming statistics in the video clip below just goes to show that “stranger attacks” are yet another barrier that women have to overcome in order to ride their bicycle. But what’s worse is that all of this can seriously discourage women from riding their bikes at all.











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