- - HED Touts Silver Edition Emporia GA Pro Wheelset

HED Touts Silver Edition Emporia GA Pro Wheelset

HED has launched a Silver Edition version of its center lock Emporia GA Pro disc brake wheelset, offering traditionalists a classic, polished look for their drop-handlebar gravel bike.

Indeed, HED has added some flash to its signature alloy gravel wheelset that tips the scales at an impressive 1,535g, making it the lightest wheelset in the Minnesota-based brand’s current lineup.

“From the performance to the looks, these wheels are one thing: polished! The Emporia GA Pro – Silver Edition are gravel wheels for those who want to go fast and make a statement,” says HED.

The Silver Edition shares the same 25mm internal width, 30mm external width and 24mm depth as the standard Emporia GA Pro, providing compatibility with a wide choice of tires ranging from 32mm to 55mm, along with HED’s signature Fat Lip technology that both reinforces the rim bead for stability while also allowing riders to run lower tire pressures.

Additionally, the Silver Edition wheelset is tubeless compatible, which features HED’s Sonic hub that’s available with a Shimano, XDR or Campagnolo hub body.

“Gravel is one of the most demanding cycling disciplines to design for – terrain can be so variable that it is necessary to leave no stone (or pebble) left unturned. When it comes to wheel design, a point of major importance is the pairing of the wheel with a variety of tires, ensuring that the tire bed allows the tire to perform at its absolute best, dampening vibration and enabling speed. With a lighter, wider wheel, HED’s Emporia GA Pro – Silver Edition is agile and allows a wide range of tire sizes to roll without pinching the tires’ sidewalls. This allows for the tire sidewalls to provide the natural suspension they are designed for, enabling the rider to roll at lower tire pressures and experience a smoother, suppler ride quality,” boasts HED.

The Silver Edition Emporia GA Pro wheelset is handbuilt in the USA, and sells for $1,200.




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