- - Hiplok Introduces New ANKR High Security Anchor Lock

Hiplok Introduces New ANKR High Security Anchor Lock

Hiplok has introduced a new high-security anchor lock called the ANKR, touting it as “a revolutionary maximum security bike, ebike, and motorcycle anchor.” 

Designed for use with Hiplok’s high-security chain and D locks, the all new ANKR is the first bike security anchor with a unique easy-fit design, which features a premium hardened steel cylindrical outer case and rotating inner that when mated with a lock, cannot be removed. Moreover, its unique design allows for maximum security without the need for permanent bolts, meaning ANKR is both easy to install and can also be moved to a different location if required at a later date.

“The ANKR is the perfect combination of security, practicality and aesthetic form, ANKR’s multiple fixing holes allow for mounting on a variety of floor and wall surfaces. It’s integrated rubber cap prevents frame-scratch while adding to the neat design. Independently tested and awarded Maximum Gold Level Security for both motorcycles and bicycles by Sold Secure, ANKR is suitable for inside or outside use,” says Hiplock co-founder Ben Smith. 

“With the latest crime statistics indicating that most bikes are stolen from homes or outbuildings, we wanted to bring our unique Hiplok problem solving design approach to bike storage. Alongside our wearable bike locks and ZLOK security ties, we can now offer cyclists quality, practical secure storage products to help protect bikes at home, in the garage or at work,” he adds. 

The ANKR sells for $99-$100.99, which can be purchased directly from Hiplock here


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