- - HipLok Touts 1000 Series as the World's Most Secure Bike Locks

HipLok Touts 1000 Series as the World’s Most Secure Bike Locks

In late 2021, Hiplok launched the D1000, the world’s first anti-angle grinder bicycle lock, revolutionizing the bicycle security industry in the process. However, the D1000 was designed predominantly as a bicycle lock for use on-the-move, in public spaces.

“It was always our intention to use the feedback and knowledge gained from the development of the D1000 to create a range of ultimate security products designed for both bicycles and motorbikes, with the same incredible resistance to motorized attack,” says Hiplok.

What is the 1000 Series?

The Hiplok 1000 Series is a modular security system for two-wheel vehicles, featuring the same anti-angle grinder properties and “ultimate security” design approach as our original D1000 lock, while building upon the D1000 with three entirely new products:

  • The DX1000: a larger D lock
  • The AX1000: a pivoting, rotating arm and anchor base
  • The A1000: a rotating anchor base

Additionally, the individual products in the 1000 Series can be combined to create unique security systems for the ultimate locking set-up at home, whilst the modular design means that the DX1000 can be removed from the anchor system to provide ultimate security on the move.

The Design

Hiplok applied design and engineering principles from the D1000 to each new product in the 1000 Series. Using the application of a composite graphene material, Ferosafe, the British brand created a lightweight security system with unrivaled anti-cut properties.

Key features:

  • Our unique design allows for a full range of movement for ease of locking up without the need to manoeuvre a heavy chain.
  • The DX1000 can be used at home, as part of 1000 Series anchor systems, and on the move, giving you ultimate security wherever you are.
  • All products feature Ferosafe, a graphene composite manufactured in the UK, which resists cutting from motorised attack methods such as angle grinders.

The performance of the 1000 Series system against motorized attack compared to the current “best in class” anchors and chains is incredible. The following comparison video illustrates the difference in defence levels.

The AX1000 and A1000 security anchors can be installed and used in various configurations, allowing significant flexibility in set-up to match your type of bike and storage location. Both anchors are designed for inside or outside use. Moreover, the AX1000 allows motorcycles, e-bikes and bicycles to be secured in a standard horizontal position via either wall or ground installation, as well as allowing bicycles and e-bikes to be secured in a horizontal or vertical position with the appropriate installation into a wall, while the A1000 is designed predominantly for wall installation, allowing bicycles of all types to be secured in close proximity to a wall in a horizontal position.

Why did Hiplok developed the 1000 Series?

The weapon of choice for the professional bike thief is the angle grinder, which can cut through any standard lock in seconds. When the D1000 was launched two years ago, it revolutionized bike security with its ability to withstand a severe, sustained angle grinder attack.

“However, activity from bike criminals continues. There is more to do. Theft statistics and customer demand suggested there were two clear objectives we needed to meet: provide the same level of security for bike storage at home and optimize the security system for motorcycles,” explains Hiplok.

How do I install the 1000 Series?

The A1000 and AX1000 security anchors are installed in the same manner, using 8 x expansion bolt security fixings. These security fixings are supplied with your product and are certified by independent security accreditation facilities during the rigorous attack testing process.

Installation of the anchors requires drilling and insertion of the bolts only. No chemical or adhesive fixings are required. Full assembly, installation and step-by-step guides are provided with the products to ensure a smooth installation process

In addition to extensive in-house attack and user testing, the 1000 Series products have been independently tested and certified to two of the highest international standards for motorcycle and bicycle security; namely, Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond and ART 4 Star

These two accreditation tests cover a full range of attack methodology, in line with the very harshest techniques used by thieves. So, bike owners can have full confidence that the 1000 Series is not only the best possible defense against angle grinder attacks, but the series is also amongst the toughest against all types of theft attacks.

Hiplok has launched its new 1000 series on Kickstarter, offering early-backers a 30% discount on the AX1000, DX1000 D-lock and A1000 Anti-Angle Grinder Anchor with the DX1000 Anti-Angle Grinder Lock together.

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