- - Hope Technology Enters the Clipless Pedal Market with New Union Range of Pedals

Hope Technology Enters the Clipless Pedal Market with New Union Range of Pedals

Hope Technology has entered the clipless pedal market with the launch of its new Union range of pedals that are squarely aimed at the MTB, Cross Country and Downhill segments.

Hope’s MTB and Cross Country-focussed models, the Union RC and Union TC, feature a more minimalist design that’s centered around the retention mechanism, while Downhill Union GC variant comprises a much larger platform with seven replaceable pins per side versus four on the other two.

All pedals have CNC machined aluminum bodies, a Q-factor of 55mm, three sealed bearings and Norglide bushings.

The RC is fitted with lighter titanium axles, while TC and GC spin on Cr-Mo. However, the TC and GC can both be upgraded with titanium axles.

Additionally, the retention mechanism on all three pedals is built with stainless steel, with adjustable tension courtesy of an Allen key.

Also, the pedals come supplied with two stainless steel cleat options, a Number 4 that provides four degrees of float and a 12-degree release angle, while the Number 5 cleat offers five degrees of float and a 13-degree release angle.

According to Hope, the Number 5 cleat also requires slightly more effort to release, while both cleats have 2mm of lateral float. 

Availability for the new Union pedals is slated for September. 

Hope Union RC

  • 324g
  • $190/ £150 / €185 

Hope Union TC

  • 437g
  • $190/ £150 / €185 

Hope Union GC

  • 498g
  • $200/ £160 / €195 




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