- - How Does a Virtual Ride Up the Tourmalet Compare to the Real Thing?

How Does a Virtual Ride Up the Tourmalet Compare to the Real Thing?

from The Col Collective

With spring in the air and the mountains calling, being in a current lockdown in the French Pyrénées has thrown quite the proverbial spanner in the works when it comes to actually riding these beautiful big peaks once again. Adjusting to a ‘new norm’ is quite the challenge, staying fit, motivated and, let’s be honest, sane when you’re not allowed to ride outside is a challenge in itself, so I’ve had to enlist the ol’ creative grey matter to come up with a few ways to stay on top of the game during these unprecedented times that we all face.

I’ve been dreaming of riding the Tourmalet again for quite some time, so I rigged up the Kickr and Kickr Climb, synced up the route and got after it, albeit this time in the virtual world, to see just how it compares to 19 kilometers of mountain greatness, AKA the real McCoy.

This was the first time I’ve followed a route on the trainer and I have to say that I was impressed by the result. Staying motivated when on the static bike is a mission in itself and anything that helps in that regard is welcomed with open arms.

The only question now is, which will be the next virtual mountain to tackle? Answers on a postcard or in the comments below….. If you’re interested in the gear I’m using then check out Wahoo’s wizardry over at: Kickr –… Kickr Climb –… Element Roam –…

I hope you enjoyed this ride and it may spark a little inspiration to help you through these testing times. What’s for sure is that the mountains aren’t going away any time soon, so with a little patience and perspective we’ll be exploring them again before we know it! And when that time comes if you’d like to enjoy them with me then check out The Col Collective Cycling Tours over at….

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