- - Hunting Big "Game" in Alaska by Bike

Hunting Big “Game” in Alaska by Bike

Just when I thought the bike hipsters had pulled out all the “stops”, we came across these curious gun touting, big “game” hunting cyclists.  

Throw in some tattoos, anarchist punk-rock hairdo’s and a Kurt Cobain relic or two somewhere, and you have the Off The Chain Bicycle Collective in Anchorage, Alaska.

I imagine their credo must be something like, to “bike and hunt responsibly”, but I can help feeling bad for the beautiful animal that was killed.

Can’t Clif Bar come out with a caribou flavored bar, so these hipsters can go back to drinking craft beer and tending to their piercings, while the fauna can be left to roam majestically?  

P.S. The woman in the video is not the same one who was recently engaged to Charles Manson. 

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